1. Cook with as an alternative to vegetable or seed oils
2. your tea/coffee instead of creamer
3. wash your face with instead of soap
4. brush your teeth with or as base for a toothpaste recipe
5. For oil pulling/teeth whitening
6. use As a skin moisturiser
7. USE As sun tanning oil
8. USE As a hair conditioner
9. USE  As a supplement to a healthy diet
10. USE As a massage oil
11. reduce scar tissue
12. USE As a treatment for lice
13. soften cracked feet and heels
14. USE As a hair serum
15. USE As a buttery spread for a healthy diet
16. treat fungal infections
17. USE As a glaze on cold desserts

18. condition wooden cutting boards
19. bake with instead of butter
20. USE As an eye make-up remover
21. USE As a remedy for diaper rash
22. USE As an additive to a protein shake
23. relieve itching from insect bites
24. heal wounds
25. reduce puffiness around the eyes
26. USE  As a lip balm
27. enhance nutrient absorption in the body
28. relieve sun-burn
29. make lotion bars
30. make soap
31 make laundry detergent
32. USE As a hair gel
33. USE  As a shaving cream

34 make a nourishing hair mask
35. make an after-shave cream
36. make nourishing skin lotion
37. make a salt scrub
38. USE In a cough syrup
39. USE In a soar throat remedy
40. make a home-made natural deodorant
41. make cuticle oil
42. fuel your workouts
43. kill candida yeast growth
44. Help cure Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
45. decrease an insulin spike
46. stimulate your thyroid
47. burn fat around your stomach
48. remove chewing-gum from hair
49. make good healthier mayonnaise
50. In a natural vapour rub

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